A Weighty Issue…


When I first went looking for a caravan to tow with my old AU Falcon, I “almost” learnt the hard way about weights! After being assured by the salesman that my car would be capable of towing the Windsor popup I wanted (it wasn’t – at only 250kg OVER my limit on the Falcon), I just wish I had a better idea of what these figures all meant 🙂

Luckily I worked it all out and found find out:

  1. what the maximum weight was that I could tow with the Auto Falcon
  2. what weight the towbar that was fitted was rated at
  3. and what TARE, ATM, GTM etc weights on the van really meant!
  4. and how to measure them on a weighbridge

I’ve since seen a lot of vans on the road that “appear” to be overweight… or at best very poorly loaded… being towed by the wrong type of vehicle. Accidents waiting to happen, and insurance claims just waiting to be refused LOL

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT, as a caravan/trailer owner, that you understand what these terms mean, and how they apply to your situation!

And rather than re-invent the wheel here, I strongly encourage you to visit this page a RVIEW for a complete rundown on the terms you need to know, and what they really mean!

RVIEW Website

Image Source

There’s also a different explanation here that might help you further:

CarsGuide Website

Please feel free to share these links far and wide 🙂