Your Departure Checklist

Many moons ago, my Dad managed to wipe out the step on our caravan… and also had the pleasure of it coming off the ball just as we drove out of the Caravan Park. 40 years later, it seems that I’m not much better LOL. I’ve had unlocked windows flapping, electrical cables flopping along the ground, and have only flattened one waste water bucket so far.

It’s so-o-o easy to forget things when you’re headed off, especially when you’re only new at it.

But once you get into a bit of a routine, most of the potential “hazards” can be avoided in just a couple of minutes.

So here’s what I look at AFTER I’ve packed everything up, and just BEFORE I head off (and don’t worry – it doesn’t really take that long to check):

Hook Up Trailer

  • Towbar and towball are secure
  • Hitch is secure
  • Chains attached and crossed over
  • All electricals connected
  • WDH attached as required
  • Jockey Wheel Up/Off
  • Handbrake Off
  • Gas Bottle/s turned OFF
  • All legs/stabilizers are UP
  • Start Vehicle, and activate park lights/blinkers

Check Inside

  • Poptop lowered(if applicable)
  • Close all roof vents / hatches
  • Windows are closed and locked (close curtains and/or blinds if you like)
  • All cupboard doors are closed and secure
  • Make sure TV aerial is DOWN and TV is secure
  • All loose items are secure
  • Nothing left on benchtops
  • Cover over hotplates is down and secure
  • Fridge door is locked
  • Fridge is switched to 12V for traveling

Now go for a quick walk…

Around the Outside

  • Put step up/inside
  • Shut and Lock the door
  • Make sure awning is wound right up, and locked into place
  • Inspect tyres for wear & check you got all wheel chocks
  • Rear boot access doors shut / locked
  • Check all windows are locked as you walk around
  • Check hazard and tail/brake/clearance lights as you go
  • LOCK Poptop (if applicable)
  • Double check that TV aerial is down
  • Double check Roof vents/hatches are shut
  • Make sure power cords, portable solar, water hoses and waste buckets are all disconnected and stowed
  • Front boot access door shut and locked
  • Make sure Awning over front windows is down and secure

Beaut! You should be good to go 🙂

Just one other thing to remember… EVERY TIME you park somewhere… to get petrol, groceries, have a cuppa, etc., please make sure you do a quick inspection of the following things…

Before you Take Off

  • Double check tow hitch, chains, electrical connections, hand brake etc. Do NOT assume that no-one will tamper with these while your vehicle is parked!
  • Check your vehicle side mirrors for correct alignment

Have we missed anything? Please let us know in the comments below!